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  • "This is one awesome take on this classic!" - Don's Tunes playlist (Spotify and YouTube)
  • "Just beautiful! Fantastic guitar and voice!" -  Relaxing Blues playlist (Spotify)
  • "Truly beautiful and brilliant" - Common Sense (YouTube)
  • "Great and moody vibe" - SLNB
  • "Elspeth Cowie, along with...guitarist and producer Jake Stokes has managed to breathe new life into this timeless American folk classic." - fanzine
  • "Shivers! Absolutely love it!" - Yorkshire Web Radio, UK

News from Elspeth Cowie

1 September 2023: Elspeth Cowie's new album Who Knows Where The Time Goes? launched today

My new album, Who Knows Where the Time Goes? launched today pn major streaming platforms. A limited number of physical CDs will be available to buy by mail in selected places later in September, or in October. Having been provided with the resources to go into the studio, the COVID-19 lockdowns meant I had a whole ton of unexpected time to decide what I would include. My previous recordings – solo and with Seannachie, Chantan, and in various combos – were heavily weighted towards the Scots tradition. But I’ve always loved and sung songs from many genres. So, this time I have also focused on personal favourites – jazz, country, blues, other Americana – famously performed, among others, by women whose voices and interpretations I have always treasured. I sang rock, blues, and Motown for a brief spell in Glasgow and Aberdeen before the tradition reclaimed the girl who won a Burns singing prize at school. So, the pot pourri on this album feels like the coming together of these streams. That said, I have sprinkled in a healthy garnish of Scots and Irish traditional ballads that I have long sung but never recorded solo. After all, who does know where the time goes, and we will never pass this way again. I hope you enjoy my carpe diem collection. Elspeth, September 2023


23 August 2023: Elspeth Cowie's powerhouse blues-rock take on The House of the Rising Sun playlisted by Don's Tunes

Don's Tunes, the prolific blue and jazz online curator, has added my take on The House of the Rising Sun to its New Blues playlist on Spotify. Naturally, I am delighted, but would anyway recommend this playlist to Spotify users who love these genres and like to keep up with what's new. The link to New Blues is


And I would also suggest subscribing to Don's Tunes on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at these links:

Facebook - Don's Tunes


22 August 2023: Rockin' in Mexico City!

I love the way the internet shrinks the world for music making and listening. Just had an email from El Rocanrosaurio, a rock radio station in the burbs of Mexico City. They tell me they will be airing The House of the Rising Sun at 06:00 GMT (i.e. 07:00 UK time, 08:00 Spain time) on Friday, August 25, on their online radio show, Indie Gente. ¡Que viva México!


21 August 2023 Elspeth Cowie's blues-rock take on The House of the Rising Sun drops on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, etc.

My single The House of the Rising Sun is now also available to stream on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Deezer, Pandora, YouTube, and so on. The Spotify link is...


21 August 2023: HOTRS officially launched

Still Crazy Records is proud to announce the general release of The House of the Rising Sun from musician and singer, Scotland's Elspeth Cowie. 


Elspeth reckons her powerhouse blues-rock take is "like no version I've ever heard before". In keeping with the warning lyrics, heavy electric guitar and dirty blues harp move the song forward with relentless menace.


Guitar fill-ins and solos that will have you reaching for your 'air guitar' weave around and soar above the rhythm lines. The mix is ​​enriched by Ayrton Foote's uplifting keyboards and Sam Higham's punchy, insistent drumming.


Elspeth personally thinks that producer and guitarist Jake Stokes has co-created a version that can sit unashamedly alongside the best.


With much going on behind and around her in the mix, she has opted for a prominent, rich smoky vocal of great clarity to deliver the story and the simple payoff message of the woman speaking through the song: 'Don't do what I have done.'


Elspeth's storytelling powers were crafted in the a cappella tradition of Scottish ballads, though she is perfectly at home with blues, country, jazz, and other Americana.


The House of the Rising Sun reinforces the wisdom that good things

can come when musicians, songwriters and producers collaborate without boundaries.




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